Why would I ever need a business Coach?

“If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, You call a coach.” – Denver Post So, you have made that leap in the world of business ownership and entrepreneurship.  Great move.  But, it is easy to lose that focus, energy and drive. I’m sure you’ve heard…

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“You’ve lost the loving feeling”

Ever think this: “why isn’t this working”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “I just don’t like doing this anymore?” “ There has to be more!”. They say you must “name it, and claim, to change it”. Can you clearly state what is going on with your business? What happening? What’s NOT happening that should? Here…

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From “More Leads” to “More Profits $$$”

Could this be your business mantra: here are only 4 steps to this marketing process, but many small micro-steps to get to the “More Profits $$$$$”. How many steps does your business try to execute? It’s called a process – and needs to be practiced and reinforced to get to that success. So, How do…

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Hey, Get up! Get moving, My Business

Do you feel asleep? Asleep with your business? Asleep moving your business forward? Everything has that feeling of being unsuccessful, lost, confused and asleep at times. But, what can make you different is taking steps to move you and your business forward – and quickly. “Recovery” starts with identifying what “going on” as to why…

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