From “More Leads” to “More Profits $$$”

Could this be your business mantra:


here are only 4 steps to this marketing process, but many small micro-steps to get to the “More Profits $$$$$”. How many steps does your business try to execute? It’s called a process – and needs to be practiced and reinforced to get to that success.


How do you and your business get “More leads”? Can you name 5 steps your business uses? 10? Entrepreneur Magazines article 10 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads says it can be done “quickly”.

How does your business get “More Prospects”. The dictionary definitions of Prospect are

  1. an apparent probability of advancement, success, profit, etc.
  2. the outlook for the future: good business prospects.
  3. anticipation; expectation; a looking forward.
  4. something in view as a source of profit.
  5. a potential or likely customer, client, etc.
  6. a potential or likely candidate.
  7. a view, especially of scenery; scene.

Do you see your prospects as more than just a client or just a sale? It’s an opportunity to look forward, a view or a scene as well. Your prospects are your future.

“More Sales”, is what we all think we want? But, we need to qualify what a “good” sale is for our specific business. You will want to analyze how much effort, time and resources it takes to get that sale and then how much more it takes to manage and maintain that client relationship and sale.

Quantify it, Qualify it and Document it.

Finally, if you effectively manage the “More Leads” and “More Prospects” and “More Sales”, your business will experience “More Profits”. Better yet, if you’ve quantified it, qualified it and documented it, you can duplicate it – saving time, effort and resources to greater Profitability.

Peak Growth Partners works with businesses to coach, consult, train and teach the strategies to move from More Leads to More Profits.