“You’ve lost the loving feeling”

Ever think this: “why isn’t this working”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “I just don’t like doing this anymore?” “ There has to be more!”.

They say you must “name it, and claim, to change it”. Can you clearly state what is going on with your business? What happening? What’s NOT happening that should?

Here are some things to think about.

1. You’ve lost that lovin feeling?

Step back, Breath, Close your eyes, sit in silence and now remember why you got into the business? Remember it felt, the excitement, the eagerness and how anxious you were when you started? Still there? If not, take a bit of time and recreate it.

2. Unprepared Sales resources:

Do you have and using all the resources, tools, systems and processes at your fingertips critical for your business? Analyze, Research and Find what you need to further build that successful business.

3. How’s your Marketing working.

How can I any clearer – market, market, market. Ok, network, meet, greet. Ok but it has to be effective. The more you promote, prospect and engage – the more opportunities.

4. No Customer-Retention Strategy.

Lose a client – how much did that cost you? How much will cost to find a replacement client customer? Retaining a customer, in terms of sales and marketing effort, is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. So you need to nurture those clients and relationships.

5. Slow Payment and Collections. Yep, “it’s all about cash flow”. No money, no business. No money, you will spend a lot of time worrying about it instead of other things.

So, bill, invoice, call, follow-up, collect. If you can’t or don’t want to do – hire someone – part-time, hourly. Just reminding you what you already know, “you cannot afford to lose revenue”.
6. Poor Credit Screening.

Do you really know your client and what they can afford and manage? Take the time to do it right. Can you honestly afford to support those who don’t qualify?

7. Vague Vision.

Try this trick to get “clarity” of what it’s like to have distorted vision. Rub vasoline on your sunglasses and now go out for an hour, or 5 minutes. Feel lost and confused and dazed. You bet. Why? Lost your point of reference, loss of clarify, loss of vision.

So, does everyone in your business (everyone) clearly understand your company’s vision, values, and priorities? Is it clearly stated, printed, displayed? Are they reminded?

Everyone has their own interpretation and understanding. If it’s in conflict, that leads to undermining morale and results.

8. Lousy Training.

So do you tell and order OR do you teach and train. Training is an opportunity to share the business’ and your vision and goals. It helps if it can be scheduled, planned, managed. Nothing worse than being unprepared – both for the trainer and the trainee. Set expectations so everyone participating knows. Training is learning, Ordering is doing. Know the difference.

9. Risk Aversion. Remember all those sayings we were given “take a chance”, “why not risk it”, “what can happen”, “why not”. Are you letting too much negativity outshine the possibilities? Surround yourself with successful associates, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Get out of your environment and see what others are planning, doing and engaging in. Learn.

10. Dabbling.

If you’re committing resources on your business and not making money, are you sure it’s just an expensive hobby? Failure to fully commit ensures a long difficult path to failure. It’s in the details, the follow-through, and stamina through the business ups and downs.